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Neuroplasticity Therapies

Neuroplasticity therapies are a wonderful set of therapies, including movement, vision, sound, scents, proprioception, balance and more.  In contrast to many other therapies, the use of each of these modalities is specifically selected to target particular areas of the brain, and as each brain is so different, so you will be given a unique set of therapies to suit your unique brain.  They can be delivered in clinic and in programmes for use at home.   The aim of neuroplasticity therapies is to enhance brain function and performance, and although they are commonly used to treat neurological conditions, almost anyone can benefit their brain by using this type of tailored approach!

Why choose neuroplasticity therapies?

Neuroplasticity therapies can be beneficial for:

  • Creating brain function: Helping develop new neural connections in the brain, especially useful for neurodevelopmental conditions.
  • Restoring brain function: Assisting in the recovery of brain function following injuries like stroke or concussion.
  • Improving brain function: Enhancing cognitive, emotional, and physical performance for anyone, including athletes and professionals.
  • Maintaining brain function: Preserving and sustaining optimal brain function to prevent neurodegenerative diseases.
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Discovery Call

In this free 15-minute call, you will speak with a member of the team and have a chance to briefly explain what you are looking for help with. You can ask questions, we can explain more about the services we offer, and recommend what might work best for you.

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Neuro Evaluation

This is the starting point for most people at Neuro Frontiers. The process includes:

– An initial screening questionnaire.
– A comprehensive case history review, with additional research to guide case management.
– A 2-3 hour in-person appointment involving a discussion of your history and a series of neurological tests designed to assess various brain regions.
– In-clinic therapeutic interventions, if needed.
– A treatment plan detailing in-clinic and at-home therapies, as well as possible referrals.
– A written report summarizing findings, recommendations, and the treatment plan, which can be used for EHCP paperwork or rehabilitation plans (optional).

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Signposting Service

This session is ideal for those who can’t visit our UK-based clinic and includes:

– An initial screening questionnaire.
– A detailed case history review during a Zoom call, with additional research to guide case management.
– Up to 2 hours online discussing your case, clarifying points from your history, and suggesting a way forward.
– A written signposting summary post-appointment, detailing the main discussion points and recommendations, including referrals to local practitioners for further tests and therapeutic interventions.

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Follow up appointments

Once you have a treatment plan (from your initial Neuro Evaluation appointment), it is likely that you will be recommended to attend some regular appointments.
These are generally at the clinic, although some may be delivered via Zoom. These help to monitor your progress, and any adjustments to your treatment plan usually happen at these sessions. Each follow-up appointment lasts 55 minutes.

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Support sessions

Would you like a regular support session to help with implementation of the at-home neuroplasticity therapies and exercises? We get it – sometimes you need support with all this.
For example, if you are a parent, you are already giving a lot and you just want to be ‘mum’ or ‘dad’, rather than a therapist on top too! Because of this, we like to offer 1 hour sessions where you can work with a member of staff who can help you / your loved one. Please speak with us for more information. These are run on an adhoc basis, with additional sessions in English school holidays.

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At home consultation

We appreciate that some people will struggle with getting into the clinic, so sometimes we make exceptions and do home or school or even hospital visits. This might be due to agoraphobia, mobility issues, or hospitalisation. If you have a need like this, please contact us for more details.

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