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Scent Therapy

Scent therapy uses our sense of smell as a way to influence the brain and behaviour.  This lovely therapy is often used for food aversions, anxiety, insomnia, focus, concentration, smell sensitivities, lethargy, depression, and anosmia (loss of sense of smell).

The nose is a sophisticated part of our anatomy, and even has direct ‘wiring’ into significant areas of the brain. A well-functioning sense of smell is key to both our survival and to a well-functioning brain. In this neuroplasticity therapy, you will be experience a range of scents tailored to your individual case.  There are several different ways scents can be used, and in the session we will discover what might work best for your case.

Scent Therapy

Scent therapy is a type of neuroplasticity therapy, and can be a wonderful way to influence the performance and function of the brain.

There are many ways to use scents and to stimulate our sense of smell, in turn having an influence upon the brain. At Neuro Frontiers we will work with you to develop a scent palate and programme of use to meet your individual needs. The initial assessment is around 55 minutes, and you will receive recommendation of scents to use, and how to incorporate them into your day. Follow up appointments are recommended, to assess for any adjustments as you progress through your use of this lovely therapy.

Although this is a stand-alone Scent Therapy session, this therapy is also regularly incorporated with our general Neuroplasticity Therapies, following a full Neuro Evaluation.

Who: Adults and children

Length: 55minutes

Fee: £60

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